Meet the team at work


Ignacio O’Mullony

UI/UX Designer

Ignacio leads product management, design and marketing functions globally. He is responsible for the core products and features.

Jonathan Adiaheno

Business Adviser

Jonathan advises the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Charles Henry Van-Nuvel

Public Transport Expert

Thanks to his many years of experience in the field, Charles Henry is in charge of the communication with the experts of the public transport.

Strée Éloi

Project Holder & Developer

Based on latest technologies and his experience in the game industry, Eloi is a researcher in innovation and virtual reality.

Curious Craft

Smart Game Creators

Forged by the game industry, Curious Craft helps the team to create intuitive and ergonomic application. The perfect team when software requires to be more than flat design.