Find your way in and out the metro
without internet connexion
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Disclaimer: The following images are just the ones included in our prototype.
Currently we are still working on them and are being drastically improved.

AR to find the nearest metro station to your destination

  • Forget about maps and start walking towards the right direction straight away with our Urban Compass tool.
  • Get relevant information about accessibility, lines in that station and how far they are from you with just pointing at them with your phone.

3D maps of stations

  • Find your quickest way through the tunnels and discover the facilities of each station in a simple view.
  • Explore what’s above you without leaving the station.
  • Save time by getting on the right wagon so you can get faster to your exit.

A new way of User Experience

  • Open Up Way by approaching your phone to our  stickers.
  • Smart alarm system to warn you when you are in the wrong way or you have to get off the train.